About us

Vitality Distributors started in 1968, five years after we opened our first retail store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We had four retail stores before starting the wholesale business at 1624 N.E. 12th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale Florida. We started our own private label of vitamin and herbs line in the late 1963, we named it Vitality and when we went into the wholesale business adopted the name Vitality Distributors, INC. Forty years later we have over 30 pages of foods, herbs and vitamins under the vitality label. This gives us a price advantage over the nationally advertised brands that spend exorbitant amounts of money on advertising.

Vitality is, and always has been, loyal to the health food industry. We sell only to bonafide health foods stores. In this vast, highly competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever that quality nutritional products be sold by those with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of natural vitamins, herbs, and functional foods. Retailers, health practitioners, and their staff are knowledgeable about dietary supplements and have the resources to offer personalized service to help consumers realize health through supplementation. Their genuine concern for health and well-being closely mirrors our own, and this mutual vision has been vital in the relationships that we have established over the years.

At Vitality Distributors, we remain committed to our original goal—to provide highest quality nutritional, herbal, and body care products at prices that people of all incomes can afford. We do this by sourcing raw materials directly from the manufacturer, thereby relying less on brokers and middle men, and avoiding costly television and radio advertising. We employ a small work group force compared to our competitors. Instead, we rely on practical, cost-effective marketing methods, such as visiting our retail customers personally to promote a new product. Our high-volume business has allowed us to build strong, ongoing ties with some of the best raw material producers in the industry. These savings are passed on to our customers in every instance.